Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh how i wish....

Oh how I wish I could get on here and write posts more often. Posts that I want to make and don't feel rushed to write them.

Oh I wish I had more followers. And followers who comment on my posts.

Oh how I wish....

Yes, these are my wishes. Wishing is fun as long as we don't let it turn into a obsession and a desire. One that we chase after or mope for. So even though these are my wishes they are only wishes. Things that will come to pass if I am patient in waiting and persistent!

Just some thoughts.

What do you wish for? Hope you had a great day!

~Amber :)


  1. Honestly, I wish to have inspiration than to have four hundred followers. Honest musings portrayed and presented creatively. But yeah...thirty comments would be nice on a post once in awhile. *smile*
    Thanks for leaving the kind words in my garden walk the other day, deary. blessings | grace

  2. Well, haha I think all bloggers wouldn't mind a few more followers and comments. ;)
    I've been having a hard time making sure that writing/blogging doesn't take up TOO much of my time...this can happen really quickly for me, I've seen.

    -Leah Kathryn