Thursday, March 28, 2013

How neighborly are you?

   Jesus had some straight words for the way we treat the folks next door. In fact, He drew three parallel lines, telling us that there is direct relationship between what we believe about our Heavenly Father, what we believe about our self  and how we handle the folks just on the other side of our lot lines or apartment walls. Exactly what kind of neighbor are you? How well does your love for others match your love for God?
       A friendly "hello," picking up trash in someone else's yard, delivering a plate of cookies to celebrate a special occasion, offering help with a sick child or a ride to the airport-looking for ways to connect with neighbors impacts the people on your street. Amazing as this might sound, these acts of loving-kindness may be as persuasive in introducing them to Jesus Christ as any seminar you could ever take them to.
      Think about this as well. Jesus wasn't limiting the command to "love our neighbor as we love ourselves" to just our literal neighbors. The neighbors Jesus speaks about encompasses others with whom we come in contact- the difficult teacher, the coach of our daughters softball team, the cashier at the grocery store.What a practical challenge from the loving God who reaches out to us!

This was a little devo in my moms bible. They based it off of Mark 12:30-31. I thought it was really good and convicted me to do more. Most of our neighbors are just neighbors and I don't do much other than smile to them here and there. So I realized that I can be doing more! :)

~Amber :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting my Bottom braces off! :D

As you read this I will be getting my bottom braces off  *squeals*!! I am so happy to be getting them off!

I have had my upper braces off since November....

And so I am SO ready to be getting the bottom ones off! I will try to upload pictures when I can!

From the girl in the orthodontist chair,
Amber :) .....yeah that smile is free of braces!! Oh yeah!!!...sorry I'll stop rejoicing now! Hehehe

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My February.... come on in and see what my February looked like!

February....ahhhh the month of love, so to speak. Well, yes February my have Valentines day in it but I did more than think about that!

                                  On the 1st day of February we got LOTS of snow!!!! 

On the same day had my cousin/best friend stay the night.
Both our hair was soooo messed up!!!
My younger brother started to walk our friends dogs. So I went with him. :)

Played as miss photographer ;)

                                                               Took some pictures.

As I was looking for pictures to upload I realized I didn't take many pictures in February! *shocked* So I will work on taking more pictures. I do love taking pictures though so I 
guess I just haven't been using my camera as much as I should be *even more shocked* hahaha.

Love ya all,
Amber :)

P.s. thinking about changing my name to Becoming me. What do you think? :)


Monday, March 11, 2013

Birthday shout out!!

Just want to give a birthday shout out to Kari... my cousin/ best friend! She turned 17 today! I love her sooo much! We have been close best friends all our life. Cant believe she's now 17 *sad feeling of growing up*
Kari you are so beautiful! Your personality just shines!
. You are sooooo fun to be with. You brighten my day. I am so blessed to be your cousin. I love you!        Happy 17th girl!! 

So for her birthday today I made her vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. When she came over after school I had candles on the cupcakes and we sang her happy birthday when she walked through the door. I also made her a sign that I put up that said happy 17th birthday. It was fun and I really enjoyed doing it for her! 

~Amber :)

A Melody

This song is called You Make Everything Beautiful by Rebecca St. James. It is from her latest album I Will Praise You. I really like song, I find it encouraging! :) I hope you do too!

~Amber :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow flakes on the green grass

Today it's been snowing off and on today. Which is nice because we haven't had snow for a little while and I'm one of those people who actually like the snow!!

Earlier in the day we got HUGE snow flakes...they were AWESOME!!! They made me soooo happy. :) So the ground is just kinda dusted with snow or at least it was the last time I checked. In the morning we might have more snow! :D

Got a couple snow pictures just to inspire you! Well....hopefully they will inspire you and not discourage you if you don't like snow! So if you don't like snow you should probably not scroll down! Haha But my friend you should really try to like snow because it's so beautiful! Hehe

I don't claim any of these as my pictures. I got them from Google search.

Do you like snow??? Do you live in a place that's gets snow?

Stay warm... have a hot steaming cup of tea and cuddle up in a blanket with your favorite book. What book would you be reading?

~ Amber :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Musical Mondays

Greetings to you all!..... For today's Musical Monday I choose the song seeing for the time by Britt Nicole. It's on her newest album Gold....which I really like! 
It's about seeing how amazing God is and feeling like it's the first time you've ever seen anything. I think it's a good song about God's awesomeness... haha if that's a word. But anyway take listen. :)

Amber :)