About this red head

         Well hello! I thank you for checking out my blog!! I'm so glad you have decided to come to my little spot here! Id love to get to know each other a little more so let me tell you a little more about myself! My name is Amber I am 17 years old. I am homschooled and I love being homeschooled! I am very passionate about Jesus and love Him VERY much! I am not a perfect Christian! There are so many things that Jesus is fixing in me! So many! I have been a Christian every since I was born! I've never been on a mission trip but I really do want to! I feel passionate about missions! I certainly plan on going on a missions trip as soon as I can and God and my mom allow it! Haha
         I am a very silly redhead. I laugh ALL the time!! And at just about anything! I am sweet but spunky! So I apologize if I get to spunky! Haha I like helping in whatever way I can though sometimes I get nervous to ask if someone needs help so im working on that! I can be shy. I try not to be!
            I have an older brother- Austin who is 19. And a younger brother who is 14. They are both very awesome! I love them both very much! =)
         I love photography! I have an Canon SX30 IS which I love! and I use it allll the time! =)
I can play the piano a little bit but I would love to be a great piano player! I can also play the guitar a little bit. And I would love to be able to play the violin!!! One of my favorite things to do outside is swing! I love to swing! Haha I like to ride my bike, scooter and take walks out in nature!
   I love nature! I love going to parks and rivers and just being in God's creation! I also love capturing God's creation through my camera!(Whose name is Edward taken from sense and sensibility!)
     I am a skirt girl! I used to wear pants all the time but I now wear skirts most everyday! I like wearing skirts so much more than jeans because I feel more beautiful and more like a female. I think girls who wear skirts stand out and look different. And I like looking different than how most girls look! I don't want to do the normal way of dating. I want to court when God brings the man I'm going to marry when I'm at the age of getting married into my life. I want to save my whole heart, all my affections and my first kiss for him! I am working on staying pure emotionally, mentally, and in every other way! 
         As for my future I hope to be very involved in ministry. I'm not sure in what yet. But I have many interests! such as missions, youth, writing books, worship, preaching. I'd actually like to be a pastor! =) 

                  Well that's all I can right now! I hope you have enjoyed my blog! And I would love you to be a follower!! =) If you have any questions please ask! Thank you! =)




  1. Hey Amber! I loved reading this, and I would love to get to know you better! You seem really sweet, and I see we have alot in common! (such as saving myself for my future husband, loving the Lord with all my heart, not to mention using exclamation marks on nearly every sentence!)


    Jaime Lynn

    1. Hey! Aww good I'm glad you enjoyed reading this! Yes we do have a lot in common I think! =) Hahaha YES I usually put exclamation marks at the end of most my sentences! Haha =)
      ~Amber =)

  2. I'm homeschooled too! and I have braces! And I play violin!

    And I'm saving myself for my future husband too. (breaths) Wow we have a lot in common!

    I too, haven't been on a mission trip, but I desperately want to go on one!

    1. How cool! I think that that is awesome you are saving yourself for your future husband! Hopefully someday we both will go on a missions trip! =)
      Amber :)

  3. Amber,
    You sound like an amazing person. I want to go on a mission too! I actually am going to in about 5 months (I think). It's not set in stone yet, but I will very soon.

    Nice blog! <3


    1. Awww thank you! Oh well that is awesome! I'm excited for you! Hopefully you WILL get to go! Tanks again Kate!

      Your sister in Christ,
      Amber :)

  4. Hi!
    We also wear skirts all the time, we are waiting for the right man and we believe in courting! =D
    It is so nice to "meet" you!
    We are enjoying reading your blog!
    ~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~

    p.s. Do you mind if we take the "Guys are brothers in Christ...." button from your page and put it on ours?

  5. Oh that is awesome! Oh I am glad your enjoying my blog! And no I don't mind at all!
    Nice to meet you~ Amber :)

  6. Okay, so I just found your blog and let me just say - it is sooo adorable!! You seem like an awesome person and it looks like we have a number of things in common...e.g., both liking to wear skirts, being interested in playing musical instruments, both being followers of Christ and being homeschooled. Oh, and your blog title - it's perfect!

    Needless to say you've gained a new follower, and I can't wait to read more of your work!


    -Leah Kathryn

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, Leah, thank you!!! I'm so glad your following me...I'm following you too,love your blog as well! :) Thanks for the encouragement!

    ~Amber :)