Saturday, June 22, 2013

Right now

What I see...

Seasons of the heart book by Janette Oke.
My younger brother and his bike.
My cup of water.
My phone.
Our porch swing.
The sun setting.
The trampoline in the distance.

In my mind...

A song by hillsong...don't know what it's called haha!
That it is hot out here (outside!) 
That I cant believe my younger brother just emptied my whole cup of water! >:(
How beautiful someone I know, wedding was. <3 <3 <3
How I want to read more of my book! 

What I'm wanting....
Some more sleep.
More water >:(
To read my book, Hahaha
To charge my laptop.
God's will in my life.
To be a beautiful Godly girl!
You lovely ladies to be blessed by my blog!

From my spot at melody of me
~Amber :)

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