Books I recommend!!!

I kissed dating goodbye Is a very good book! Joshua is a very wise man! He gives new idea's and new perspectives on dating and relationships. You may find that a lot of his ideas are challengeing but I believe they are rewarding! They are different than the worlds ways and ideas of realtionships but I think it is a much wiser way! I am all for his book and I believe that everyone should read this book!

 Sarah Mally's book is a great book! It is full of wisdom that can be applied to our everyday lives! She teaches us how we can guard our hearts more efficintly and another way of going about relationships with guys. It more girl on girl as she relates with us on some of the things she srtuggles with and has struggled with. I would sooooooo encourage every girl to read this book! I think you'll get a lot from it!

 Lies young woman believe is a very good book. It will revel things that you didn't realize you were believing and teaches us to to plunge our self with the truth. So that we can stand against those lies the devil tries to have us believe! This book is a VERY good book! It covers lies we may be believeing about:
The church


                                                     More to come soon! :)

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