Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy things

Today is a hard day for me and my family cause it's fathers day. So instead of focusing on that i'm gonna focus on good things!

Happy things about today....

#1 Today is my oldest brother, Austin's 20th birthday! Wow that's so crazy! But we enjoyed celebrating him!
 #2 My really bad sun burn is getting better
This is only one leg. I burnt my arms, other leg, side of neck, sculpt and face. Haha yes I'm a ginger!!

#3 I have three really awesome books out from the library that I can't wait to put my into and read away.

#4 I had ice cream today! And not just any ice cream.... but my favorite ice cream- Neapolitan ice cream. Along with cookie dough ice cream! Hahaha

#5 We walked on trails at our local parks today. I had so much doing that! I don't get to do that to much so I really soaked it in!

#6 I also got an iced coffee from sheets.

#7 and ate out at pizza hut! Yummmmmm! Had a taco pizza, ever had one? They are good!

#8 My grandparents came over to celebrate Austin's birhtday!

#9 I'M EATING POPCORN with my younger brother!!! Hahaha :)

#10 Austin is playing his guitar. He is SO good at that! I love to hear him play! It's beautiful and perfect!

#11 I got to see baby ducks with there momma! They were SO cute. Hehe I took LOTZ of pictures of them, of course!!

#12 Also got to see owls. And enjoyed watching my mom squeal over them!

#13 God's love and his mercy that covers all I have done and will do! <3

A promise <3


There is so much more!

Hope you had a good day!

~Amber :)

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