Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My day =)

So today was pretty hot and since I'm still getting over my cold I didn't do much. I just kinda relaxed. But I did go and sit on our hammock in the back yard with my camera =) =) =), first I was on the front porch but there wasn't much to take pictures of so I moved. So I was taking some pictures of the flowers and there was a chipmunk too! He was cute. He stopped and looked right at me.I tried to take a picture of him but he ran away to soon. Haha

Here is a bird I saw in our tree. I'm not what it is. Cat bird maybe? Mocking bird? Anyone know?

Can you spot the chipmunk? Haha He was so cute!!!

This isn't the best picture of me. I actually have pretty long hair. But I had it up in a bun their.

     Did you do anything interesting today? I hope you had WONDERFUL day! :)

  Amber =)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

26 really really really really important things

  1. If someone gossips to you, they'll gossip about you.
  2. Treat your parents with respect, even if you don't think the deserve it.
  3. Be fierce about staying pure.(interpret being called a "prude" as a compliment.)
  4. Find your security, identity and confidence in Christ, not people.
  5. Dress fashionably,but modestly. You want to be remembered for your personality (which is unique) not your cleavage (which looks exactly like everyone else's).
  6. Hang around with people outside your peer group.You can learn a lot from adults, and younger kids can learn a lot from you.
  7. Find a mentor. Ask someone you respect and who has a strong walk with the Lord to mentor you if no one falls into that place naturally.
  8. Learn to accept correction that's given in love.
  9. Let baseless criticism roll off your back.
  10. Pray for persecuted Christians. A lot. (Want to know specific prayer needs of those being persecuted around the world? Visit voice of the martyrs atwww.persecution.com.)
  11. Avoid drama. Dont create it, and dont get in the middle of it.
  12. Forgive. Grudges dont burn any extra calories.
  13. Take care of yourself by adopting good health habits now.
  14. You don't need 750 self-portraits of yourself on Facebook
  15. Support missions-both local and international. Read books about missions. Give to the missions fund in your local church. Do everything you can to go on a mission trip. It's life changing to give yourself away.
  16. Malls are overrated. Go for a hike, see a play, make a cheesy YouTube skit, do something besides "hanging" for hours around an indoor fountain that has water dyed blue to make it look more like water.
  17. Help keep creepy people away from you by disabling all location information in your social media.
  18. Celebrate the talents that God has given you. It doesn't matter whether it's chicken-basting or good handwriting-use it!
  19. Learn to be a good steward with your money. Try not to get into debt.
  20.  Be trustworthy. Don't give your word lightly, and keep your word when you give it.
  21. Read good books. No, Twilight doesn't count.
  22. Be "others-centered." Volunteer at a nursing home. Help fold bullentins at your church. Offer to help with a production at your local theater.
  23. Be kind with your words.
  24. Seek the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul. Learn about who God is. Ask the tough questions, then find the answers
  25.  Share your faith. The greatest confidence booster in the world is allowing God to help you lead someone to Christ.
  26. Love like Christ does-extravagantly!
                     This is an article in Susie magazine I get. Which is a Christian magazine for teen girls. It a really good magazine! Here is the link-http://www.susiemagazine.com/

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Laura's Photo challange!!

Laura is having a photo contest here is her link-http://raindropsinthecountry.blogspot.com/2012/06/my-second-photo-challenge.html
   Here is the photo I'm entering :) :) :) -

God's girl <3

The Franz Family - Check them out!

My mom and I really like blue grass bands who sing hymns! This family- The Franz family- is a Christian, homschooled family. They have been singing and preforming together ever since they were little kids! They are really gifted! The whole family plays-mom and dad included! The older son is married and has children so he doesn't play with them but he can play instruments. In these video's it is just the two brothers playing and Chelsea Moon-who has a great voice! =) I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Also I encourage you to check the families songs out on youtube! Their great! =)


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blogger award!

Thanks to Hannah (http://notyourtypicalteen96.blogspot.com/) I have been awarded with these blog awards. So thank you Hannah!!! =)
I have to tell seven things about myself for each one.

1. I am a redhead!
2. I love to write
3. I love to take pictures!!
4. I have braces.
5. I have had a hamster.
6. I'm usually wearing a skirt!
7. I DON'T like meat.

1. I'm almost a vegetarian haha.
2. I laugh a lot!
3. I don't like olives (sorry hannah!Haha!)
4. My favorite color is bright orange!!!
5. I don't have any pets.
6. I love nature!
7. I love Jesus a LOT!

My first real blog entry :)

So yes Ive had this blog for a while and I have posted things but I haven't wrote a blog yet because I wasn't sure what to post. So this is my first entry! =)

   So the other day my mom, my younger brother and I when looking for birds. And we found some so here are the pictures!! =)
A red winged black bird. =)

                                                               This is a redheaded woodpecker
These are warblers. They come to this park like only a couple times a year I believe. And in this one part of the park  they were alllll through the woods. There are a lot of different kinds of warblers so it's fun to see how many different kinds you can find. But there fast so it's not easy! Haha

We spotted 3 different kinds I believe. =)

I believe these are all the yellow warbler. : )

I really enjoy going and looking for warblers! =)