Sunday, June 17, 2012

26 really really really really important things

  1. If someone gossips to you, they'll gossip about you.
  2. Treat your parents with respect, even if you don't think the deserve it.
  3. Be fierce about staying pure.(interpret being called a "prude" as a compliment.)
  4. Find your security, identity and confidence in Christ, not people.
  5. Dress fashionably,but modestly. You want to be remembered for your personality (which is unique) not your cleavage (which looks exactly like everyone else's).
  6. Hang around with people outside your peer group.You can learn a lot from adults, and younger kids can learn a lot from you.
  7. Find a mentor. Ask someone you respect and who has a strong walk with the Lord to mentor you if no one falls into that place naturally.
  8. Learn to accept correction that's given in love.
  9. Let baseless criticism roll off your back.
  10. Pray for persecuted Christians. A lot. (Want to know specific prayer needs of those being persecuted around the world? Visit voice of the martyrs atwww.persecution.com.)
  11. Avoid drama. Dont create it, and dont get in the middle of it.
  12. Forgive. Grudges dont burn any extra calories.
  13. Take care of yourself by adopting good health habits now.
  14. You don't need 750 self-portraits of yourself on Facebook
  15. Support missions-both local and international. Read books about missions. Give to the missions fund in your local church. Do everything you can to go on a mission trip. It's life changing to give yourself away.
  16. Malls are overrated. Go for a hike, see a play, make a cheesy YouTube skit, do something besides "hanging" for hours around an indoor fountain that has water dyed blue to make it look more like water.
  17. Help keep creepy people away from you by disabling all location information in your social media.
  18. Celebrate the talents that God has given you. It doesn't matter whether it's chicken-basting or good handwriting-use it!
  19. Learn to be a good steward with your money. Try not to get into debt.
  20.  Be trustworthy. Don't give your word lightly, and keep your word when you give it.
  21. Read good books. No, Twilight doesn't count.
  22. Be "others-centered." Volunteer at a nursing home. Help fold bullentins at your church. Offer to help with a production at your local theater.
  23. Be kind with your words.
  24. Seek the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul. Learn about who God is. Ask the tough questions, then find the answers
  25.  Share your faith. The greatest confidence booster in the world is allowing God to help you lead someone to Christ.
  26. Love like Christ does-extravagantly!
                     This is an article in Susie magazine I get. Which is a Christian magazine for teen girls. It a really good magazine! Here is the link-http://www.susiemagazine.com/


  1. lovely post Amber!
    #1 is the one of the best pieces of advice ever.
    and as for #21 *applause* Yes, Twilight does not count.
    <3 Laura

  2. Thank you. Haha yes I agree! =)

  3. Great Post! I get Susie Mag too! Isn't it awesome!?!?!

  4. some of these are really good! I have read the twilight books and watched the first movie and actually liked the series for a little while... hey, the guy's cute as heck! ;) but now i don't like the series. bella, i think, is a very bad example... basicly threw her life away for a guy.

    thank you, also, for the comment on my blog! i appreciate it. :) i use a canon rebel xt to take my photos. it's not the newest, or the best, but i love it to death. ;)

  5. Yes Godsgirlz! I love Susie magazine!
    Yes It is silly to waste your life on a guy! =) I agree Rachel! Oh your welcome! Ohhh sweet! Pshhh you dont need the newest camera to take good pics! =) I have a canon SX30 I love my camera too but I'd love to get one like yours! Someday I hope to! =)

  6. Hey Amber! I just wanted to say, first off, thank you for following my blog! I'm glad you enjoy it! I have followed yours and really enjoy it as well! =) =) =)

    I really love this post! It is really good! It seems like we have some things in common too! =) I have heard of Susie magazine and read a little bit, but recently I'd forgotten all about it! Thanks for reminding me! =)

    Jaime Lynn

    1. Hey again! I'm glad you have enjoyed my blog! And thank you for following!! =) oh good I'm glad to have reminded you!! =)