Saturday, June 9, 2012

My first real blog entry :)

So yes Ive had this blog for a while and I have posted things but I haven't wrote a blog yet because I wasn't sure what to post. So this is my first entry! =)

   So the other day my mom, my younger brother and I when looking for birds. And we found some so here are the pictures!! =)
A red winged black bird. =)

                                                               This is a redheaded woodpecker
These are warblers. They come to this park like only a couple times a year I believe. And in this one part of the park  they were alllll through the woods. There are a lot of different kinds of warblers so it's fun to see how many different kinds you can find. But there fast so it's not easy! Haha

We spotted 3 different kinds I believe. =)

I believe these are all the yellow warbler. : )

I really enjoy going and looking for warblers! =)


  1. Ohhh! Nice pics!!! What park were you at? I miss you so much!
    <3 Laura

    1. Thank you!! =) Ummmm it was Geneva State Park! =) Miss you too!!