Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting my Bottom braces off! :D

As you read this I will be getting my bottom braces off  *squeals*!! I am so happy to be getting them off!

I have had my upper braces off since November....

And so I am SO ready to be getting the bottom ones off! I will try to upload pictures when I can!

From the girl in the orthodontist chair,
Amber :) .....yeah that smile is free of braces!! Oh yeah!!!...sorry I'll stop rejoicing now! Hehehe


  1. Wow, I'm so jealous now, I have to keep my braces (top and bottom) for another 4 months =(
    It must be such a nice feeling to have them gone, I'm thoroughly sick of mine now!

  2. Oh wow! Yeah it is nice to have them off but I've had mine on for a while! Just know you will get them off! Hehe I sooooo know what you mean by being sick of them!Hang in there and soon you'll be rejoicing about having them off! :)

    1. I'm counting down the sleeps till I get mine off!
      Got the wonderful news a few weeks ago that it'll be another 5 months at least... bother =(

    2. Ohhhh =( I'm sorry!! You'll get them off- hang in there!

  3. No one can blame you because this is really worth to be excited about. To finally have it taken off not only means becoming pain-free, but it also means seeing the results you have been expecting out of those - what seems to be - countless days of pain. Congratulations!
    = Lindsay @ SmileByDesign.com (Oakville, ON)