Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My February.... come on in and see what my February looked like!

February....ahhhh the month of love, so to speak. Well, yes February my have Valentines day in it but I did more than think about that!

                                  On the 1st day of February we got LOTS of snow!!!! 

On the same day had my cousin/best friend stay the night.
Both our hair was soooo messed up!!!
My younger brother started to walk our friends dogs. So I went with him. :)

Played as miss photographer ;)

                                                               Took some pictures.

As I was looking for pictures to upload I realized I didn't take many pictures in February! *shocked* So I will work on taking more pictures. I do love taking pictures though so I 
guess I just haven't been using my camera as much as I should be *even more shocked* hahaha.

Love ya all,
Amber :)

P.s. thinking about changing my name to Becoming me. What do you think? :)


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