Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Sunday!...

Ahhhhh, yes Sunday. A wonderful day! I love Sundays because of church. And the interesting activities that follow the rest of the day! Are your Sundays like that?

I'm thankful for Sundays. The chance to go to God's house and worship him and grow our faith in him. The chance to fellowship with sisters and brothers in Christ- the best way to start the day!

And I really like this Sunday because I'm wearing a new cute dress! Hehe I feel so pretty! And the weather is going be WONDERFUL today! :)

I need to go because We got a lot start this morning so we are going to be late for church....BUT IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!!! I'VE BEEN READY!!! Hahaha

Enjoy your Sunday! Hope you find some rest. Or just enjoy the blessings that Sunday brings! :)

~Amber :)

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