Monday, May 20, 2013

It's hot...am I a wimp???

Ok.... so it's hot! It might not be hot for some people like those who live in
Florida,California, Arizona, or Hawaii  but it's hot for me!!! But oh, thank the Lord we have air conditioning! Cause today I had to babysit our neighbor and they dont have air conditioning....yea I like whining to myself the whole time. I'm like, ok girl you need toughen up!but maybe cause it, *pause*

*A distraction*-Ooooooo there is a really pretty yellow finch at our bird feeder right now! They are so cute and small. And there colors are just stunning!

Any who, I was saying maybe cause it's like spring and like the first really hot day. I'll toughen up over the summer! I will!

Do you like the heat? Do you live in a reallllly hot place? Am I a wimp? Haha

Well I'm content now....only cause I'm inside my house, nice and cold! Hehe

Yours truly from the planet sun...

~Amber ;)


  1. Thanks for the follow, amber : )


    Noelle : )