Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whats been going on in my world

My mom and seth my younger brother  and myself helped set up for a graduation party. The graduation  party was for  one of my best friends-Melissa.

We saw a bard owl driving home one day. That was a big deal. We don't get to many owls where I live.
Seth, my younger brother and my cousin cassy were boxing/playing around in our kitchen one Sunday after church.

I went to camp for 6 day.
My mom and I and others worked on the props and back drops for V.B.S. My mom is in this picure.
There was a stray cat in our yard when I was being Miss photgrapher. 
Our church had a back to school bubble blast in a park in the town I live in for all of the people in our town.
The back to school bubble blast. There were a lot of bubbles. We had backpacks we gave away and free food.

I had wheat thins today :)
It rained today!
Black eyed susans are one of my favorite flowers!

I started reading this series. I was reading it today.
God's girl
~Amber :)

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  1. The park that your church had the back to school bubble blast at is like my favorite playground :P lol I love the playground :)