Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back from camp!

     All last week I was gone at a camp. It was for American heritage girls. If you have never heard of american heritige girls click Here. Basically American heritage girls is like girls scouts but it's a lot more Christian! 
         I've been in our troop Since April. So I'm pretty new! But I've loved it! It's a lot of fun and I just love the girls I'm with!
     So this camp was for American Heritage Girls. The camp is camp Friedlander. It is actually a boyscout camp but the American heritage girls use it for a week.
     It was an awesome camp! We left Sunday morning at like 8 or something I for get exatcly when we left. And didn't get home until Friday at like 11:00 ish!  
       We had so much fun! We were very busy! Breakfast was at 8, lunch at 12, dinner at 5. The girls from my troop and 2 other girls who we adopted into our troop finished doing all our badges at 3 everyday. So we had from 3 to 5 to do whatever. But the walk to get anywhere was usually realllllllly long! Haha it was crazy! and it was in the sun! The walk from our camp site to archery was like a 15 minute walk I believe. And it was in the sun the whole time! 
      The badges I worked on everyday were: outdoor skills, outdoor cooking, rock climbing, and archery. I really liked archery and rock climbing, which that badge is actually called climb on. Even though I really liked those too they were hard! Archery was hard only because I stink at aiming! Hahaha =P Climb on made me sooooooo sore! It was really hard! The rock wall was so tall!! It was awesome though! I was ready to go home at anytime. I mean I wasn't really homesick I was fine but I would have been fine with going home whenever! All Friday I was just waiting for it to be time to go home but when the time came to leave I didn't want to! I think saying goodbye to everyone and all the staff and realizing the possibility of never seeing them again was so sad! We were all really sad to leave! But I am so glad to be finally be home! =) <3 So here are some pictures. These pictures are not mine they were taken by (Hannah) So I give her all the credit. I do have pictures of my own that I might post I just haven't uploaded them to the computer yet.


Unpacking all of our stuff!

Left to right; Emma,Me,Laura,and hannah
Silly picture! Left to right; Hannah, Emma, Me,Cassie

This was our campsite. We were on a plat form that was on the lake. It was so beautiful!
Our tents.

This was the tent I stayed in along with Cassie. My bed is the one on the right.
Here's the lake. It was so beautiful!! =)

I forget the name of this place. It's on the tip of my tongue. But this is the opening camp fire on the first night.
Here is the rock wall. In order for it to count as a climb you had to climb to the white speakers
that are on the wall!

Our troop did flag one morning so this is our troop doing flag. The mess hall or dining hall is right
behind us which is were we ate all our meals at.

Here is our troop along with the two girls we adopted into our troop. On the left side
starting on the bottom; Me, Hannah, Laura. On the right starting on the bottom; Emma,
Carmen, Makayla, Cassie. 
There will be more pictures as soon as I upload them. Haha I'll try to do that soon! I am so glad to be home! And sleeping in my own bed! I love home. <3                 
      There was something that happened recently that turned our world upside down! Don't worry everything is ok but it has been an emotional roller coaster! Your prayers would be appreciated! I will blog about it when I get the time and I feel I am up to it! Love you my fellow bloggers!

God's girl!~
Amber :)

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  1. Nice post! Camp was sooooooooooooooooooo awesOME!!!!!!!
    <3 Laura