Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Braces.... can you relate?

This morning I had an orthodontics appointment. They've made my day a pain filled one! If you have had braces or have braces you know what I mean! I previously have been having a powerchain on my top teeth. I've had it for several months. They took that off and changed the wire. But that's not all.... they are currently having me where rubber bands. Not to bad I've worn them before! But this time they are in a triangle shape in the front of my mouth. I can only open up my mouth just a little bit! But they hurt so much!!! And another thing I'm talking weird now because of the rubber band since I can hardly open my mouth! It's horrible!! But I will endure it and eventually my teeth will look better. It will be worth pain! I just need to man up a little! 

The rubber bands are the two pink things on the side of my mouth.

It may look like I'm smiling weird but i'm not this is what they are making my mouth do!

That's as wide as I can open my mouth!

I'm in pain! =P

  Tonight my church is having  a back to school bubble blast at a park in the town we live in. We've passed out flyers all around the neighborhood to invite everyone. We will be giving away eight backpacks full of school supplies. We are also giving away baggies filled with school supplies in which they will be passing out to every child. I'm excited for it! We did a water balloon fight a couple weeks ago in the same park. That was a LOT of fun!
   Hope you have a great evening! I'm going to try to enjoy mine despite the challenge of talking! 

God's Girl
Amber :)


  1. I totally understand your pain Amber! Braces aren't fun :(

  2. I totally understand! I have braces myself, I've had them...lets see....8 months and i just got bands on my teeth.

  3. I understand! I'm so sorry! I have braces right now, and I have for about 1 year. Trust me, it gets MUCH better when your teeth are mostly straight! Just keep going! =)

    Joyfully His,
    Jaime Lynn

    1. Thanks Jaime Lynn. I've have braces for a year also and I still have a year to go!
      ~Amber =)

  4. You poor thing. Take it from an expert, I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE FEELING! I have braces too, but still have to go through the 'torture' of having rubber bands. I think I get them in about a week, when I next see my orthodontist. Don't worry though, they'll get better soon! :-D