Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snow, snow, snow!!

Lately we have been getting dumped on with snow. A wonderful thing in my option. It's so wonderful to watch the snowflakes just fall to the white covered ground. So beautiful is that white world were everything is a picture just waiting to be captured.Unfortunately my camera hasn't been the one capturing the beautiful white scenes. Something I've been wanting to do before it all melts away. Along with playing in the snow. Having snow ball fights, which I stink at making snow balls. and the best of all GO SLEDDING!!! Sorry just had to get that off my chest! ;)

But I was wondering do any of you photographers have any tips for taking pictures in the snow? I have a canon point and shoot SX30 IS. (his name is Edward after Edward
 Ferris from Sense and Sensibility)  I'd love to hear your advise!

If you are in one of those places that is also getting dumped with snow stay warm! An enjoy the beautiful scenes.

Amber :)

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  1. Does your camera have a manual setting? You can adjust the shutter speed to capture the snow. The faster you make it the darker the image will be so you have to make a healthy comprise. One of the things that can help with this are adjusting the ISO (higher number= brighter image). Hope this helps! Alex