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Parents have such an extraordinary role to play. They are our examples in life. They teach us right from wrong. They lovingly guide us and and correct our mistakes. Through them we see the world. They pray for us and our future. They pray for God's will in our life. They love us for who we are.
I am so thankful that God choose to give us parents. Someone to learn from, someone to be loved by, someone to cherish. To learn the meaning of love from.

I understand, though, the children who do not have those type of parents. I know. See I have a very good mother whose love for Christ is so seen and lived out in her life but I haven't had a father who shares that relationship with Jesus. His heart is concerned about worldly things. And because of the man he has become my parents relationship is resulting in a divorce. A very horrible and long process. Something my mom and I didn't want! But we see God's hand through all of this. I know God is not for divorces but neither are we! In this case we know it is best, for my father is the abusive type. It is protecting us.Through prayer and relaying on Jesus we are getting through it. God has been good to us as we turn to him. So in saying this I do understand those who don't have good christian parents. My heart goes out to them. I hope that even though your life may have issue's because of who your parents are, you wouldn't let it ruin you. Turn to God because He can heal and fix all things! So if you are one of those, just like me, hang on to that!

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 Even so, having the issue's we've had it is my hearts desire to be that type of mother some day. Shaping my children through hands of love. Being the mother God has created me to be. Molding my children to become servants of God. Giving all they are to their heavenly Father resulting to live their life for Him. To teach them that they are loved and precious in God's eyes. To be examples to Christ.

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When I see parents as those it encourages me and inspires me let God have my life completely and fill me up so I am not me but a mere image of Him. So that I can be the best mom to my children, imaging Christ and Christ alone.

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Desiring more of Christ in me,
Amber :)

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