Thursday, November 8, 2012

Corky me

We all have those thing about us that are silly and unique that make us who we are. Those thing that you sometimes go ''ohhhh I cant believe I just did that!". The things that make us different from everyone else. Those things are not stupid they are unique they make up part of who we are! So if your one who is embarrassed by those things about you- don't be!! Embrace them and laugh at yourself!

.        So here are some silly things about me:

  • I love to clip my toe nails and my finger nails when they get long!
  • I don't like meat!
  • One of my favorite places to sing is in the shower.
  • When I'm in my bed before I fall asleep I have to take my socks off. I usually cant fall asleep with them on.
  • I like chap-stick and I wear it but then I take it off soon cause I don't like the way it feels on my lips.
  • When the paint on my finger nails starts chipping off I have to remove it all off!
  • I love when I'm sitting somewhere and my feet don't touch the ground so I can dangle my feet!
  • I usually read my school out loud to myself. 
  • I still love barbies. But I don't play with them because I don't have a younger sister who has them and wants me to play with her. : (
  • I love the smell of freshly cut grass
  • I twirl and spin all around the house all the time.
  • I love a clean house.
  • I want my brothers and sisters!!!
  • I love skirts that twirl out when you spin!!!
  • I love redheads
  • I love to stir food, to mix food up when baking and cooking.
  • I am always making messes!!
  • I love to vacuum.
  • I get excited when the clouds get dark! ( just like my mom does!)
  • I have a candy wrapper collection
  • I love to put babies asleep and make them happy when their fussy.
  • I love jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain!!
  • I don't like to shower or take baths but don't worry I do!
  • I love to go bare foot!!
  • When I go to bed I sometimes  rap myself up in my blankets like a cocoon
Well there ya have it those are some silly things of me- that I could think of. I'll probably keep thinking of more all day long. I'm sure you can relate to some of those. And that is cool!

Blessing to you
<3 Amber =)


  1. Hi, Amber! :)

    Great idea! I love little quirks like this. :) Let's see...I don't like sleeping in socks, either. I like red hair. One of my quirks is that I talk to myself. :P

    Great post! :D

    God bless you,
    Joy :)

  2. Your comments about your nails are sooo true!!!!! I hate having chipping nail polish!!!

    love your blog!


    1. Haha!! Even though I start to chip to paint on my nails! Oh well!

  3. I love dancing in the rain too. :-)