Monday, November 12, 2012

Musical Monday

Hey everyone! Hope your day is going great so far!
   This is something I want to start doing. I want to do musical Mondays. Were I post a song that I like or a song that I think would be encouraging to others. Also to make your Mondays a little better and to get a good song stuck in your head for the day.

Now I will only post Christian music. I feel very strongly about listening to Christian music. Christian music is just about all I listen to. I am very strict about the music I listen to because I know how the words effect us! I prefer worship music because I believe that is the best music- music that draws us closer in our relationship with God. But I don't just listen to worship music. I like a lot of music. And for me It's more about the words than the tune of the song. If the words are really good than I'm ok with it. I understand that everyone doesn't like worship music and I am totally ok with that! God uses all types of music to minister to people! For instance my younger brother likes christian wrap music and my older brother sometimes like screams music. So I am not closed minded! ;)
Any who, I hope you are encouraged by these songs. Also I'd like to do this every Monday but I don't always have time and access to our computer so I wont be able to do it every Monday, sadly. Hopefully this will change because I am saving up for a laptop! I'm really excited to get it! :)

So The song I want to post to day is Promises by Sanctus real
This song is a really good song when stuff in your world is really hard! Hold onto His promises!
 Hope you enjoy this song -it's one of my favorites! :)

Love Amber <3
:) :) :) :) :) :)

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