Monday, October 22, 2012


Americans are big about our coffee! Coffee lovers drink lots of coffee. Most people drink coffee everyday. We all have a favorite coffee drink or flavor. The average coffee-drinker in the US drinks over 1200 cups a year. That's a lot of coffee! But that's easily done since their are dunkin donuts, Starbucks, McDonald  and so many other stores that sell coffee everywhere. 
I never liked coffee much but as I staring drinking frappes and liking the frappes more and more I was soon converted into a coffee lover. I love coffee now! So to make you drool and want a good cup of coffee her are some pictures. :)

Spiced pumpkin latte
Just coffee but a cool picture!

Ginger bread latte
White chocolate raspberry 

peppermint spice latte 
cinnamon cappuccino 

Chi tea latte

Frozen latte pops

Mocha frappe

Isn't that just to cute?!

Just a coffee. 
Hot chocolate latte

Pumpkin coffee

Red velvet frappe
Now that your licking your lips which of theses coffees would you want? Whats your favorite coffee?


  1. Ok, I never really liked coffee (probably because I am rarely allowed to drink it because when I have caffeine I get really crazy hyper) but these pictures make me want coffee really bad. I really want to try the oreo latte :)
    <3 Laura
    P.S. I am hosting a photo challenge and thought you might wanna check it out. http://raindropsinthecountry.blogspot.com/2012/10/its-time-for-photo-challenge.html

  2. Haha! Yeah i cant imagine you on coffee! Yeah the oreo latte would probably be very yummy!
    Yes I am going to enter soon as I choose my picture!(:
    <3 Amber