Monday, July 23, 2012

It's a cousin thing!

My cousin Kari (The one to the left in the picture) is one of my bestest friends! We are one month apart and have been best friends since we were born! I love her so much! We are very silly together!!! As the picture above shows! We are probably how a lot of cousins are when together!  Hahaha She has a very charismatic, funny personality and I ..... well I'm very silly, weird, random and I laugh at anything! So put us together and you get dynamite!! Were usually the ones getting the weird looks from everyone!
               So the other day when she came over we decided to decorated our 3D glasses!!!

Before and after pictures of my glasses and I.

Before and after of kari.

Side shot. Kari's are the first glasses mine is the second.
Kari's is first.
Kari's first.
Side shot of my glasses.

Side shot of Kari's.
Another side shot of kari's



This is the mess after. We had sparkles everywhere!!
Cleaning up after.
Cousins <3 <3 < 3

God's girl! <3 
Amber  :)


  1. lol. Nice glasses! I Love Sparkles! lol you and Kari are awesome.
    <3 Laura

    1. Haha Thank you! We had a lot of fun making them!! Haha Thank you!! Just a bit crazy too!