Saturday, July 21, 2012

A new site I've found:project inspired!!!

Ok well I found this really cool website! I could tell you all about it or I could just give you the link! Hmmm what should I do?? Haha Ok ill tell you a little about it then give you the link! 
   First off It is created by a girl who was once BIG in the modeling world. She was in hollywood living it up. Living the hollywood life. But when she was 23 she feel into a depression and called out to God. He changed her life!
       Her mission now is to help girls not to fall into all the lies she did! Now ill give you the link to the page-http://www.projectinspired.com/category/the-christian-secret/

Here her story- Nicole's story
   Last but least here is a link to a really cool video! It's a bout guys...... they are talking about girls and what they think about the way we dress......it's a really cool video. i'd encourage you to whatch it! It really encouraged me and helped to gain a different perspective. =)  what do guys really think about modesty?

I hope you had a wonderrrrful day! I washed cars today for a fundraiser! Hehe =)
Amber :)
God's girl!


  1. Nice post! I will have to check out the link.
    <3 Laura =D
    Luv ya Amber

  2. Examples like her are so few and far between; thanks for sharing! Btw, I really like your blog! =)

    1. Yes indeed! Your welcome! Hehe thank you!! =)