Monday, July 16, 2012

Beautiful blogger award!!

Hey everyone! Ireland form A Pearl of Great Price awarded me with this award so Thank you so much Ireland!! =)  

#1. Thank the person who nominated you and give the link.
 Ireland from  A Pearl of Great Price! =)

#2 Tell us how the idea of having a blog popped up and why you continue it.
 Well I enjoy writing and such so and I knew my friend Laura had a blog. So I thought i'd give a go! I have continued bloging because It's so much fun! And I really like finding Christian girl bloggers and getting to know them! =)
#3 Describe a usual day of your life.
Well during the school months we wake up and get ready and then do our morning chores. Eat lunch then do school from 1:30 until 5:00ish. Then we do whatever we have planned for that evening. 

#4 The best collaboration with a blogger?
Im not sure what collaboration means. Haha

#5 The worst collaboration with a blogger?

#6 Explain what having this blog means to you.
Ummm well having this blog means to me that I can sure with my fellow bloggers whatever I want to share. I get to make new friends and enjoy sharing other girls life with them! =)

#7 Now nominate 5 bloggers for this award.
All right well

Ok for the girls who I awarded this award now you just do the same things that I did!


  1. Thanks so much for awarding me! I already did my post the other day. :) God bless....

    1. Oh your welcome! Awesome! I think I might have seen it! =)